The MilkBot lactation model is a nonlinear lactation model describing daily milk production as a function of time(days) since calving (DIM). It is parameterized so that fitted parameter values are can be interpreted as observable features of the lactation as a whole.

An open-access paper in PeerJ provides a good introduction to the model. Quantifying inter-group variability in lactation curve shape and magnitude with the MilkBot® lactation model

Because it is a nonlinear model, fitting is not straightforward. We have developed and validated a Bayesian fitting engine that estimates fitted parameter values from a set of expected values (the priors) and any number of data points.

This API describes the API for a planned public service for access to that fitting process.

current status

This API is under development and open for comment and suggestions. When some consensus has been achieved on a workable API, the fitting engine will be ported to this API.